John Lovell

John Lovell


These new songs have been written after a lengthy break in songwriting and it is pleasing to find that they are already attracting interest from established performers.

All sheet music where no separate licence is offered can be used for public live performances without the need of a licence as long as the event is registered with an agency for worldwide royalty collection. Information about more on this may be obtained directly from JLMusic.

All recording & broadcasting rights (including mechanical rights ) are administered by my publisher: Sentric Music

All music remains copyright of JLMusic.

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And now you can listen to me performing some of these pieces on soundcloud:

Latest sheet music
My Life
Pop / Ballad
That Empty Chair
Pop / Ballad
Tears in the Sun (easy playable version)
Pop / Ballad
Tears in the Sun
Pop / Ballad
In a Flanders' Field
Pop / Ballad
Footprints in the Sand (pt.1) SATB
Pop / Song
The Last Polar Bear (SATB)
Pop / Song
The Last Polar Bear
Pop / Song
Footprints in the Sand (pt.1)
Pop / Song
Stay Awhile (SATB)
Blues / Vocal
18 March 2014, News
Royalty registration
All my music is now registered worldwide for royalty collection, hence I can now offer some of my music licence free. So, sheet music where no licence needs to be purchased; can now be performed for free as long as the event is recorded with a ...
30 September 2012, News
How green?
To celebrate the installation of my (totally free) solar panels from "AShadeGreener".  I am offering the "Last Polar Bear" as a free download for a limited time.  Your end of the bargain... enquire about free solar electricty!
28 August 2012, News
I'm now on Soundcloud
I am slowly putting together real performances of me performing some of my songs on Soundcloud. So pop along for a listen. Click Here